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DNS lookup for IPs and domains

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DNS lookup tool (DNS tester) prints DNS records (A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, SOA, MX, TXT) for a given domain. For domains using geo aware DNS servers, displayed data will depend on the ip address of the DNS client. Please remember that changes to the DNS configuration may take hours or even days to propagate around the world. Most common type of DNS records are explained below.

DNS recordExplanation
AIPv4 address record is used to map hostname to IPv4 address.
AAAAIPv6 address record is used to map hostname to IPv6 address.
CNAMECanonical name record is an alias pointing to another DNS record.
NSNameserver record points to authoritative name servers.
SOAAuthoritative record contains authoritative information about DNS zone.
MXMail exchange record points to mail serve.
TXTText record contains arbitrary text. It is often used for domain ownership verification and in SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to specify who can send email for given domain.

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