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Proxy was not detected.
It is possible that you use are behind a high-anonymous proxy.

Proxy detector (aka proxy checker) works by testing for HTTP headers commonly set by proxy servers.If none of the proxy headers are found it assumes that you are either using direct connection or a high anonymity proxy server. In addition proxy tester won't detect a transparent proxy which doesn't overwire IP address of the sender and thus does not provide any anonymity. Please remember that even with high anonymity proxy servers (aka elite proxy servers) user activity could be logged on proxy server. Furthermore your ISPs may log requests to the proxy server if connection is not encrypted. Another option is to use the Tor network instead of a proxy server. Unfortunatelly many sites detect and block Tor since there is only a limited number of Tor nodes and they are abused by spammers. The best solution is to use a VPN service provider with a large pool of IP addresses.
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